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This website is currently under maintenance. Some information may be outdated. We endeavour to get this updated by January 2021.

Average speed cameras

There are currently 13 routes across the West Midlands operated by average speed enforcement camera systems. This is intended to positively influence driver behaviour and ensure that motorists comply with the set limits on roads, resulting in a safer environment for all road users. Average speed check signage is used to inform drivers that they are entering an average speed control zone. For more information on how these cameras work please visit the SPECS page.

The routes are: (cameras will cover traffic flow in both directions where not stated)

  • A450 New John Street West (0.6 miles) between Lucas Circus and Hospital Street
  • A456 Hagley Road (0.7 miles) between Portland Road and Lordswood Road
  • A38 Bristol Road (0.5 miles) between Priory Road and Speedwell Road
  • B425 Lode Lane (0.6 miles) between Henley Crescent and Moat Lane
  • B4114 Bradford Road (0.3 miles) between Old Croft Lane and Chester Road
  • A45 Coventry Road (1.2 miles) between Berkeley Road and Rowland Road
  • A34 New Town Row –one direction only– (0.5 miles) between New John Street West and Newbury Road
  • B4110 London Road (0.9 miles) between Allard Way and Robert Close
  • A4114 London Road between Ringway St Johns and Daventry Road
  • A4600 Ansty Road (0.4 miles) between Clifford Bridge Road and Sewell Highway
  • A4540 Belgrave Middleway (0.6 miles) between Sherlock Street and Wheelys Road
  • A3400 Stratford Road (0.5 miles) between Avenue Albert and School Road
  • Binley Road (0.6 miles) between Sky Blue Way and Bray Lane.
  • Henley Road (0.8 miles) between Woodway Lane and Newhall Road.

There are currently a number of other routes under consideration with the aim of implementing average speed cameras in the foreseeable future.