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Driving distracted

Top tips to avoid being distracted on the roads

  • As soon as you find yourself becoming distracted, retrain your focus on the road.
  • Where possible, ask a passenger to take control of the in car entertainment system, such as changing music tracks, radio stations or using a satellite navigation system. If you’re driving alone, then make sure to stop before using such devices.
  • However tempting, do not use a mobile phone while driving. Let calls go to voicemail and wait until you are parked safely before you check voice or text messages or make calls.
  • Even if you’re stopped in traffic or at traffic lights, you are still in control of the vehicle and could be prosecuted for using a mobile phone.
  • Don’t be distracted by conversations with passengers. It is always safest to stop talking when you need to concentrate.
  • If you call somebody who is driving, tell them you will call back later and hang up.
  • Be wary of wearing headphones as this could delay the speed of your response to external events.
  • Ensure your satellite navigation system is placed in a sensible position (bottom right hand corner of the windscreen). Only adjust or programme it whilst stationary.
  • Though it isn’t illegal to use a mobile phone while cycling, cyclists still need to maintain concentration and you could be prosecuted for careless or dangerous cycling.