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This website is currently under maintenance. Some information may be outdated. We endeavour to get this updated by January 2021.

Enforcement Images Explained

HADECS Cameras

These images arise from the HADECS (Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System) cameras. These are used to enforce variable speed limits under the Active Traffic Management (ATM) system on the M42 and M6 throughout the West Midlands.

Annotated Image of a HADECS offence

SPECS Cameras

These images arise from the SPECS (Speed Check Services) cameras and differ from traditional speed cameras by monitoring a vehicle’s average speed over a stretch of road

Annotated Images of a SPECS offence

Mobile Cameras

These images are from mobile cameras that are deployed from the back of an enforcement van, allowing them to be moved around the West Midlands as needed.

Annotated Image of a Mobile Offence