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Speed Awareness Course

The National Speed Awareness Course has been put in place to give drivers who are found to be in excess of the speed limit the opportunity to attend driver re-education around the dangers of speeding as an alternative to a fixed penalty ticket.

The course is only offered for low-level speeding offences detected by fixed or mobile speed cameras, and drivers are only eligible if they have not attended a Speed Awareness Course anywhere in the country within the last three years. If you have been caught speeding, you will be notified if you are eligible to attend a Speed Awareness Course after completing the Notice of Intended Prosecution.

Since this is a national course, drivers can choose to take a course in any area that offers them, regardless of where the original offence occurred. Costs may vary between areas, but courses in the West Midlands currently cost £88 (subject to an annual review) and drivers who take the course will not receive three points on their licence.

The theory-based workshops last for four hours and cover:

  • Hazard awareness
  • Speeding consequences
  • Driving safety tips

For more information on courses within the West Midlands, to book a course, or to find directions to a course venue, please visit the TTC Group website.