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Speed Awareness Course

Speed Awareness Courses are offered to eligible drivers. These courses give drivers who exceed the speed limit the opportunity to attend driver re-education on the dangers of speeding, as an alternative to a fixed penalty ticket.

The course is only offered for low-level speeding offences detected by fixed or mobile speed cameras, and drivers are only eligible if they have not attended a Speed Awareness Course anywhere in the country within the last three years. If you have been caught speeding, you will be notified if you are eligible to attend a Speed Awareness Course after completing the Notice of Intended Prosecution.

Since this is a national course, drivers can choose to take a course in any area that offers them, regardless of where the original offence occurred. Costs may vary between areas.

Currently, Safer Roads for West Midlands offers courses for £92 and drivers who take the course will not receive three points on their licence.

The theory-based workshops last for three hours and cover:

  • Hazard awareness
  • Speeding consequences
  • Driving safety tips

For more information on courses within the West Midlands, to book a course, or to find directions to a course venue, please visit the Safer Roads for West Midlands website.