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Enforcement officers left shocked by note left on speed enforcement van

Published on 23 July 2019

Camera enforcement officers were pleasantly surprised when a note was placed on their enforcement van thanking them for their work. A local resident wrote the letter after they spotted the van parked up on Harborne Park Road. The writer said they had almost been hit several times by drivers who had no regard for limits and emphasised their thanks for the operation.

Enforcement Officers who experience a quite a lot of negativity were keen to stress that they were indeed just trying to help to protect people from the harm speeding can cause and making the roads a safer place for all to use.

Note left on the Van

The note read: “To the Speed Enforcement team . Good Morning. Sorry to disturb you, I knocked on the door earlier. “I wish to say ‘thank you’ for doing this speed enforcement work. “I live (omitted) up the road & have several times almost been hit by someone speeding down this road. “So thanks, we do appreciate your work.”

The Camera Enforcement unit tweeted: “This note was left on one of our enforcement vans by a member of the public. Our unit promotes road safety and only targets specific locations after analysis of data relating to serious RTCs and feedback from local residents. “We don’t just randomly target motorists.”